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See things from a different perspective.

We aim to capture the pictures of your dreams. We offer an interesting and varied range of services, from different photo shoots to photography classes. If you are looking to broaden your own personal photography experience, we are also happy to accompany you and your camera in finding the right subjects and trying out different techniques..

Lasting souvenirs

Reproduction of old photographs:

Do you possess valued photographs that have unfortunately suffered quite a bit of wear and tear over the years? We can "salvage" your mementos for you. Using careful retouching techniques, we will remove the blemishes of your original prints, freshen-up faded colors, repair small kink marks, and deliver the result to you on a CD. As our fees depend on the level of work you require and the state of your originals, we always provide an accurate quote for you first.


Look beyond kaleidoscope color effects and focus on the essentials again - your subject. Learn techniques that allow you to create expressive pictures without relying on colors. We will be happy to tell you the dates of our upcoming classes.


Backlit cityscapes, fountains, classic sunsets or fireworks - this course teaches you to put your favorite subjects into the right perspective. The course comprises 4 units and provides a useful introduction to general photography.

Portrait work in unusual locations? Our skilled use of lighting results in photographs that will amaze your clients and business partners.



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